Craving for heavyand rich type of cakes? You can choose from an assortment of thick and creamy flavors, such as chocolate, cheese, and caramel. With the perfect sweetness level, these delectable cakes are the ideal companion for your afternoon tea or coffee. Enjoy how Sweets O’ Treats elevates these cakes to another level that you have never tester before.


Searching for simple and light over complex flavors? We specially design these cakes to be light, fresh, fluffy. Instead of relying on sugar, these cake use light cream, fresh fruits and moist chiffon-likes sponges. These decadent cakes are impeccably suited for after-meal dessert, and best eaten cold and fresh.


Looking for innovative cakes with traditional Indonesian taste? These cakes are light, moist, and not too sweet, but layered with frosting and crunchy bits to highlight its Indonesian roots. Suitable for people who love experimenting and combining Indonesian and modern flavors, these cakes can be enjoyed on all   occasion and especially on family gathering.